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What is the size of the box?

Length: 567mm, Width: 442mm, Height: 77mm.

What is the weight of the box?


How long does delivery take?

rotibox is currently out of stock however you can pre-order your rotibox which will be dispatched Wednesday November 4th 2020.

Delivery can take 7-14 working days.

What is the best way to clean the box?

Simply empty the flour and as with other dishes/food containers wash with soapy water, ensure to rinse thoroughly.

Where is rotibox made?

rotibox is a British brand and is made in the UK.

Does £1 of sales really go to charity?

Yes, look out for regular updates on how the money is making a difference via the website in the blog section.

What can you store in rotibox?

rotibox is designed to store chapatti flour and your rolling pin so that everything you need to make roti is one, tidy place.

Can I store rotibox vertically or must it be flat?

You can store rotibox in any dry space including vertically.

Will the flour spill out of rotibox?

rotibox has a locking clip to secure the lid closed. It has been designed so that when the box is upright and/or stored vertically, flour will not spill from the sides

Does rotibox make the rotis?

No, rotibox is designed to help you make hand made rotis inside rotibox.

What is roti?

Roti is a round flatbread native to South Asia made from stoneground wholemeal flour (traditionally known as atta), water combined to it to form a dough. It is cooked on a Tava (flat plate).

Can I use rotibox for other uses?

rotibox can be used for rolling any other type of dough or pastry. It is not advised to use rotibox for transporting goods.

Why do I need a rotibox?

rotibox enables you to make roti inside rotibox, this means all the floury mess also stays inside rotibox eliminating the need to clean up after you have made roti. rotibox is more hygienic than your worktop (as it is made from antimicrobial properties), it has a non stick surface so rolling roti is easier, overall, you will be spending less time cleaning and your roti making experience will be far superior than traditional methods.

Is rotibox safe to prepare food?

Yes, rotibox is food safe BPA free made using FDA approved materials.