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  • Vishali Jasat

    19th February 2020

    OMG! Loving my Rotibox! What a fab idea & so useful. I love how you can literally make everything inside the Rotibox without a single mess & store it away so easily. I always hated clearing up flour from the worktops & floors. This means I can make rotis mess free! The non stick makes it’s easy to roll the rotis. Really friendly customer service & definitely recommend the Rotibox! 💓. Well done Rotibox. Great invention

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  • Poonam Maini

    20th March 2020

    Amazing product! Loved how easy it is to use with no mess at all. Also, I can't believe how lightweight it is. I'll definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of getting one!

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  • Roksana Hussein

    5th March 2020

    The Rotibox is a super clean and hygienic way to keep the mess contained but the best news is my roti is much softer since I don’t need to use much flour due to the non-stick material!! So glad I got my hands on one! Thanks so much for this brilliant invention! I’ve bought one for my sister in law too!

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  • Rehana Rafi-Nazir

    18th March 2020

    Highly recommend the roti box. It keeps the worktop clean which saves time cleaning after and helps be more hygenic in the kitchen. The roti is easy to make in the box too! Saving time cleaning means I am going to make more roti's! ;) Thanks rotibox

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  • Sakina Haq

    24th February 2020

    I bought my rotibox and would highly recommend it. it's not only hygienic to use it's totally mess free and I have a place for my rolling pin now. absolutely love it

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  • Ireena Altaf

    14th February 2020

    Rotibox is an incredibly useful product, designed to perfection & very spacious too. The flour remains airtight and non stick surface allows chappatis to be rolled out easily. Also fits neatly into the kitchen cupboards, freeing up worktop space. Loving my purchases & mum loves it too!. Delivery was swift, highly recommended to all.

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  • Sana Zia

    21st March 2020

    I got the rotibox about 2 days ago, I couldn’t wait to start making roti on it, It’s honestly such a god send, it was great to make roti without all the mess and especially useful since the hubby loves his parathas. I’m really glad I bought one! I’m so happy, no mess and I just close the roti box and that’s it done. So simple yet much needed

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  • Shaziea Khan

    14th February 2020

    My mum is enjoying her new rotibox Thank You. It’s so good to be able to keep everything together with no mess absolutely love it and of course in our house it will get used pretty much everyday 😊 happy to find out there was a stick pad in the box to peel away and stick down the rotibox so it does slip while rolling. So glad I have purchased this for my mum I’m also sure she will ask me to use it to make her Roti soon 😉 defiantly worth it and something I have been looking for a very long time now and I finally found it happy days

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  • Saphia Ditta Dean

    13th March 2020

    Love it - must have in every home

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  • Liya Mua

    7th March 2020

    Absolutely love my rotibox. Its so much easier to use. Looks so lovely and sleek in our new kitchen! there really is no mess before and after making ur rotis! such a simple but aswome idea! highly recommend it for every household. can even be used to make pastries etc! its the perfect Mothers Day gift. One of those things that our mummies will overlook but once they use it theres no going back! i thought it may not be give enough to roll the rolling pin it..but its perfect size!

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